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With two small children having a clean house in general is a hard thing, the couch was written over with markets, it had food residue, and greasy fingerprints all over it. I am so thankful to the customer representative that I talked with for recommending a top coat of protection, it’s been 3 weeks and still there are no new stains from the little ones, the couch is clean and smells fresh too!

Christine Lee

I really love vintage furniture and have some pieces that are great but they have to be cleaned carefully so the materials do not get damaged. Happy that I found a company that uses a non-damaging method. The cleaners they send me were great, we discussed what can be done and they were really careful and professional. Great service, and the price was good too!

Sophia Dalton

We just moved into a house in Kensington and honestly, the carpets needed to be replaced, but this is expensive for my family at this point. I tried to wash the most stained areas and managed to clean some of them. It was not looking good, an overall dirty carpet with some lighter spots here and there, so I finally booked professionalists to deal with it. The procedure went smooth, the cleaners were nice and did their job really good, I even insisted to watch, because it was so satisfying seeing how fast and easy it is to clean with their machinery. Turns out, we won`t need to change the carpets, there are like new now!

Poppy Barnett

I am a manager of a small hotel, we scheduled a carpet cleaning with Max Carpet Cleaners for all the facilities and they did amazing job! As a person in the hospitality business I recommend this company, their service was excellent!

Alexander Adamszyk

I was away for a whole year and when I came back to London, cleaning was needed, my whole place was covered in dust. I have allergies so I immediately booked a house cleaning, but did not thought about cleaning the mattress or the couch. After two weeks of sneezing, a friend recommended this company and now I feel great! I never thought such a small procedure can make a big difference, but it did. I also got that liquid repelling protection and tested it, if you spill something it just slides and does not soak. Will definitely book again!

Samuel Harrell

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