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Carpet Cleaning

Single bedroom (8ft x 10ft) £19.00
Double bedroom (12ft x 12ft) £24.00
Living room (12ft x 18ft) £28.00
Trough Lounge (24ft x 12ft) £45.00
Hallway £11.00
Landing £8.00
Stairs £1.80 per step
Small Rug (up to 5 sq ft) £10.00
Large Rug (above 5 sq ft) £15.00
One Bedroom Flat £75.00
Two Bedroom Flat £95.00
Three Bedroom Flat £107.00
Four Bedroom Flat Call for a free quote!
One Bedroom House £91.00
Two Bedroom House £107.00
Three Bedroom House £124.00
Four Bedroom House Call for a free quote!

Upholstery Cleaning

Two Settee Sofa £34.00
Three Settee Sofa £40.00
Armchair £20.00
Two Settee Sofa + Armchair £50.00
Three Settee Sofa + Armchair £56.00
Three + Two Settee Sofa + Armchair £88.00
Three Settee Sofa + Two Settee Sofa £70.00

Mattress Cleaning

Single Mattress £15.00
Double Mattress £25.00
King Size Mattress £30.00

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