Book For Thorough Mattress Cleaning In West London

Do you wonder how to improve the hygiene of your mattress? Do you often think about changing the curtains? You have a solution now. The lives of your bed fabrics can be prolonged, thank to the help that Max Carpet Cleaners is offering you. The mattress cleaning service that we offer will be very helpful to you when it comes to the removal of the dirt and the odour that make your bed uncomfortable. You will be more than happy to receive this service and finally get a good night sleep. It is an improvement you shouldn’t overlook – you will get great value for your money. Don’t spend hours of your free time trying to rid yourself of the grime by using dubious methods. Just call us at 020 3868 6521 and expect the prompt arrival of our team.

Why You Should Entrust Our Mattress Cleaners With The Task

You will be glad to see our professionals taking care of your bed’s hygiene, and your curtains as well. The cleaning of your mattress often requires special skills, tools and machinery. We will send technicians whose abilities are perfectly suited for the job. They carry everything they need for the job. With their help, you will save time, efforts and even money. In other words, you won’t have to spend a fortune and buy costly products. You just need to act now and book our service. You will gain hours of free time and a good night sleep on a bed that is like new. You will feel the same joy as the other clients that opted for our service. And this is only a small part of the whole story. Here you can see more of our unique propositions we have for you:

Refer us to a friend and get


Affordable price, which is also fina

The price you see on our website will be all that you’re going to pay – there will be no hidden charges. We don’t have deposits either.


We'll give you a price estimate over the phone

Contact us and tell you about the details of your request – we will give you a quote without obligation.


All of the team members we send to get the job done have insurance against all types of property damage.


Guaranteed results

We will set you free of anything that troubles your sleep. You will no longer be worried about bed bugs or other bad consequences.


You can trust the products of our company

We carry the necessary, specific products, tools and the machinery required for the job and you won’t have to buy supplies.


Customer care

We have a support centre with customer operators who will help you with the booking and answer your queries.


Flexible booking slots

You can rely on us for mattress clean all days of the week, even when a given day is actually a bank holiday.


You will appreciate the cooperative atmosphere of working with our cleaning specialists

Our cleaners have passed through intensive training sessions and complete vetting.


You can combine our services and pay less

We offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning too. Combine them with the current service and get a great end price. The more you book, the better discount you get.

How Our Mattress Cleaners Do Their Job

You can be absolutely sure that the work of our mattress cleaning specialists will be more than satisfying. First, they will arrive on time and carry their equipment with them. You can be sure about their prompt actions, as we are based within the West London districts. They will inspect your bed, check the fabric type of your mattress and proceed do the water extraction. You don’t have to worry about risks, since every member of our team has insurance. They are also very polite and nice people. You can also rely on them for curtain cleaning, which they do in the same manner.

Learn More About Our Contact Options

Book for our mattress cleaning over the phone – just dial 020 3868 6521 and get in touch with our customer representatives. They are polite and knowledgeable, always ready to inform you about the details of our services and the special offers you can take advantage of, They will also give you free price quotes. For online booking, the conditions are straightforward – you just need to fill in our request-a-service form .