Carpeting your restaurant floors is a very good investment. The carpets are always considered nice decorative items and they usually give warmth and cosiness in the place where they are put. Most of the biggest restaurants prefer to have some antique carpets for their floors, instead of any other type of floor. But such a beauties will certainly need good maintenance and cleaning, as they are going to take heavy traffic by the visiting guests, as well as various bacteria and germs.
dining-room-363683_1280However, to ensure the best quality of cleaning every restaurant owner should buy the proper cleaning machine. The widely used type of cleaner is the carpet steam cleaning machine, also know as a water extraction cleaner. But for this type of commercial establishment is also important that the cleaning is performed fast and easy. The steam cleaning method will be very effective on stains and other pollution, but it will increase drastically the drying time. So it won’t be convenient for restaurants, stores or other businesses.

To prevent the any complex cleaning, you have to consider acting quick in a situation when spills occur. You’d better instruct your personnel to clean the mess in time or the problem may become very difficult to handle. Leaving stains and other pollution for a later treatment is not a good idea. Many customers form negative opinions about the restaurant and as you probably know, the reputation is one of the most important aspects of the business. In the common practice, it is actually not that easy to treat the stain right away. There are some tough stains, such as red wine or any greasy stain, they will still need the carpet steam cleaning approach. Make sure your cleaner works the cleaning solution deeply into the fibers. This way it will clean effectively any debris and dirt. After the initial treatment with the cleaning detergent, the extractor injects water and additional solution into the carpet to maximize the cleaning results.
bar-601307_1280Another important point of interest is the water consumption of the cleaner. The more water you use for the cleaning, the better will be the results. But the drying time will increase proportionally. For every restaurant the drying time is essential, as the wet carpet areas are unavailable. But there is a solution for you. Some cleaners are made to use minimal amount of water in the cleaning process. The carpet cleaning experts from West London advise you to use natural and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. This way you will ensure the well-being and the good health of your guests.