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Do you face challenges when you need to clean your property in West London? Do you think that it’s about time to call for a professional in order to have some items cleaned? Fret not, as the assistance of a reputable provider will grant you great results – we are Max Carpet Cleaners! You will get the help you needed so much. We will send you the professionals required for all those tasks like scrubbing, stain removal, hoovering and dusting of your rugs, furnishings and mattresses. Let us deal with this job and enjoy the results of our work. Our job is second to none, which means that your floor coverings, beds and furniture will look like new. You will also get free time and save your efforts. Call us on 020 3868 6521 and get it all started!

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Discover The Benefits That Come With Our Service In West London

You will find out that our company gave happiness to many customers. And some of them have left their testimonials which you can find on our dedicated reviews page. You will experience the benefits of our service yourself:



You will get a great service for your money

The prices we have are competitive. Besides that, they are fixed, which means you will never have to pay extra or leave a deposit.


Deep cleaning of your carpets, upholstery and mattresses

We use the most efficient methods and the most reliable machinery for the process. Our experience with hot water extraction will give you full grime removal.


Free price quotes

You can get all the information you need concerning our service. You are not obliged to book in return.


We are available all-year-round

We are available all-year-round, so you can book for weekdays, weekends, bank holidays and for the evenings as well.


You request more additions

Feel free to ask for a deodoriser after we’re done with the main cleaning procedure. We can also apply a protective layer of Scotchgard.


Special options

You will save time and efforts with our assistance. Also, you will be able to save money by combining our services – just book them together.


You will be safe in every moment that we are at your property

All the employees we have for the job have passed through extensive training and checking.


Environment-friendly policy

You can rely on us for a safe cleaning. None of the products we use is harmful to adults, children or pets.


24/7 customer care

You can always count on the help of our representatives. They will respond to your service-related questions whenever you contact them.

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Discover More Details About Our Services

Choose our company and get help for the deep cleaning of your carpets and other fabrics. You will be visited by experienced professionals. They will arrive at your property supplied and ready. The techniques we use, like hot water extraction, are second to none. Here you can see what are the main services that we offer:

Carpet Cleaning

You can expect us to do a deep cleaning of your woven fabric with the help of steam cleaning machine. The specialists we send will start up by doing a pretreatment of your carpets, rugs and mats. They will carry all the equipment with them. First, they will place pads beneath the machine and connect the extension tubes. They will take a look at the rugs and measure the PH scale of your material. Then they will hoover the solids and agitate the fibres. A tiny nozzle will spray hot water under pressure into the fabric. Then the surface will be vacuumed completely. By absorbing up to 95% of the moisture, there will be nothing left of the dirt particles. Before going out, our technicians will leave you overshoes.

Upholstery cleaning

You will benefit from this service when you want to clean your padded furniture. It means that your sofas, couches, armchairs, cushions and other furnishings will be refreshed. We have different solutions for different fabric materials. We can clean leather, plush, suede, wool and other coverings. We will use the hot water extraction method like in other cases.

Mattress cleaning

Your bed will pass through deep cleaning that it needs. The accumulated dust and dirt particles get stuck inside the fabric of your mattresses and lead to disturbed sleep and respiratory problems. In addition, the grime in your mattress can attract bed bugs. To make the cleansing efficient, we will use the hot water extraction machine here too. As with the other options, our technicians can deodorise your mattress, if you wish. We grant you the full removal of the dust, the grime and the allergens. You will have the good night sleep you need.

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You will have your cleaning session after calling 020 3868 6521 or by filling in our online form. In all cases, you will make contact with our customer care facility. Our operators will tell you everything you need to know about our terms and conditions, also what special offers there are. Join the ranks of our happy customers and enjoy the benefits that come with us as your contractor.